Providing affordable solutions for remedying unhealthy buildings.


Our solution: Chlorine Dioxide Gas.
What’s unique about CD Gas?


It’s a gas. CD’s very small simple molecules fills all spaces for a complete area distribution. It will penetrate porous substances further than meth vapours. It can contact the affected areas for a long time at high concentrations.


It’s cost effective. Our products and services are not only efficient and effective, but affordable because we know you'd rather spend your money on other things.


It’s quick. The process can be done inside 1 day by a single technician, and safely re-entered the next day.


It’s safe. It is used to fumigate fruit, and is added to the water in NZ chicken farms. It is non-carciongenic and much less corrosive than other decontaminants. The US EPA have registered it as a sterilant.

Mould Solutions

Mould releases thousands of very tiny or invisible spores (like tiny seeds) into the air. These spores can cause serious health issues when breathed in.

Warning signs of mould

Allergic symptoms from mould, musty smells, seeing signs of mold growth, signs of water problems, water leaks, past flooding, evidence of liquefaction silt, condensation.

Adverse health effects

Symptoms that exposed persons can report include: respiratory problems, such as wheezing and shortness of breath; nasal and sinus congestion; eye irritation (burning, watery, or reddened eyes); dry, hacking cough; nose or throat irritation;

and skin rashes or irritation.

Those most at risk:

  • Asthmatics

  • Infants & Elderly

  • Tradies. Confined space entry has serious health repercussions, which can lead to job delays


Eliminating the hazard

We deliver the potent spore & mould killing biocide chlorine dioxide via gas infusion technology. Both the mould growth and it's spores are killed off, including any which may have travelled from the infected site. 

Meth Solutions

When the drug Methamphetamine is smoked or manufactured indoors, residues of the drug are absorbed into the building and will leach out over time. Exposure to these environments can result in symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue or lethargy. Health impacts on infants and young children  are of particular concern. Children are often more susceptible to hazards due to their physiologic status (rapid growth, incomplete development, and rapid metabolism requiring more air and water per body weight than adults) and behaviours (crawling, hand to mouth activity, gnawing on furniture, window sills and toys).


Odour solutions

Even hard to move smells such as smoke, urine, mustiness and cooking smells can be treated with CD Gas. Typically odour requires a lower dose of gas than decontaminations, and can be done with the DIY kits or a quick outcall from our technicians. For reoccurring problems, the DIY sachets can be used in slow release mode for a lasting solution.

Sanitising solutions

Chlorine Dioxide is a great solution for locations where pathogen outbreaks can compromise the safety of the operation. This can be on an outcall basis in times of crisis, or scheduled as part a maintenance plan

Vunerable sites where we can help include:

  • Food or beverage processing plants

  • Childcares

  • Retirement villages.

  • Poultry sheds

  • Centralised HVACs