Providing affordable solutions for remedying unhealthy buildings.

Service Levels

NZ Mould & Odour Solutions don’t want you to pay too much to keep your building healthy. That’s why we have developed different service levels to meet your needs. 



Many Kiwis love to have a go at fixing things for themselves – in fact that’s how we got started with Chlorine Dioxide.
Our ExStinkt CD Gas sachets are perfect for low level contaminations.

Typical applications include:
  • Small mouldy areas: A cupboard, bathroom or toilet.

  • Odour: Cars, kitchens, caravans

  • Sanitise: Freshen areas of possible contamination or bacterial activity.

  • Confined Spaces: Improve air quality and reduce pathogens


WARNING – THE CD GAS RELEASED IS A STRONG IRRITANT AND MUST NOT BE INHALED. READ THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Only recommended for those confident in handling strong chemicals.


ExStinkt sachets $30 delivered. Email to order


Outcall Gas Treatment:

Our Technicians can provide a higher concentration of CD Gas for bigger problems.
This requires trained handling, breathing apparatus and control of the treated environment.

This service is ideal for
  • Safety: We are trained to handle this gas which is a strong irritant in higher doses.
    Let us take care of the safety aspects and deliver you a same day sanitised building.

  • Odours: pervasive odours over a large area needing a higher dose than the DIY Kits

  • Sanitising: providing a clean building when changing owners/tenants.

  • Meth: if concerned about possible presence, this will reduce the levels present.

  • Mould: Treating areas prior to remedial work for workers safety.


Outcall Decontamination

When the problem has escalated, we add services to the CD Gas generation to provide a complete solution:

  • Moisture elimination: If moisture is entering a building, killing off mould will not stop it coming back. The source of the moisture needs to be identified and rectified. We will identify the issue and remedy(s), or suggest contractors who can remedy the situation.

  • Meth: When lab test show presence of Meth above guideline levels, we follow the guidelines to bring the levels back to safety. This follows a triple step of wash/gas/wash to ensure efficacy and removal of residuals. The contamination levels and materials involved will also affect the process – we will set this out in a decontamination plan prior to commencing work.

  • Removal: notwithstanding the power of CD gas, some materials in some situation will need removal and replacement. They may have lost structural integrity eg soggy timbers & carpet, or may be too heavily contaminated. We can arrange safe removal and disposal of these items.