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Our Technology – CD Gas


Our GITA machine delivers a set amount of Chlorine Dioxide gas (ClO2), which fills the space to be treated. This strong but selective oxidiser operates by "stealing" electrons from molecules (oxidation). This breaks their molecular bonds resulting in the death of the organism by the breakup of the cell. This is a chemically different process than Chlorination, and dosnt form the harmful chlorinated compounds which Chlorine does.

CD Gas main benefits
  • Provides a long contact time (it isn’t pulled off by gravity like sprays or foams)

  • Rapid acting (usual treatment cycle 2-4 hours)

  • Gets into every space (due to the small molecule size

  • Cleans 'as is where is'  - only pets & plants need removing. 

  • Is safe and approved (passed by NZ MPI for food surface treatments & the US EPA as a sterilant)

  • Low environmental impact (as the selective efficiency leads to lower doses and less water used in cleaning)

  • Proven efficacy (replacing Formaldehyde and Hydrogen Peroxide in laboratory decontaminations) all adds up to the quickest, cheapest and most effective decontamination.