Providing affordable solutions for remedying unhealthy buildings.

Mould & Odours killed with hospital grade sterilant!

Choose a solution to fit your building and your budget. 

There's no need to put up with breathing in unhealthy mould - let our powerful nanotechnology kill all surface mould AND its airborne spores. 

Grab a DIY KIT today to try the difference  - our gas is used in hospitals and laboratories, wouldn't you love that level of hygiene in your home?

Have you tried bleaching, but the mould just comes back? Or worse, been quoted $10,000+ to have affected wallboards removed? These methods don't kill the mould. Bleach will discolour it, and adding water is a great way to feed it. Removing wallboards will release spores into the air, and they can regrow if there is still a moisture source.

A little or a lot - a NZMOS treatment is the smart way to a healthy home.

Meth, Mould or Odour Problems


"NZMOS were able to treat my rental apartment for Meth contamination which had stopped building work. They were able to fly in and complete the job inside a week at a much cheaper cost than local cleaning contractors ”

Matt K


We used to have a problem with clients smoking in cars. The DIY kits are brilliant - problem solved!

Alan T

Apex Car Rentals

"As a HVAC professional, I thought increased airflow would clear mould out of my house. But we were all still  I had a CD Gas treatment.  What a difference! My house feels fresh & my family are healthier."


Aaron B